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Fenêtres sur cours

Mediation et multimedia

Developed specifically for the exhibition, ambitious mediation tools will ensure you get the most out of your visit. You will also find audioguides (free too download, soon on our web site), guided visits and many different things to do around the exhibition. Events for children and youths from 18 months to 18 years old; events for all the family, adults and students, hands-on activities, conferences, theatre, exceptional evenings… Learn more about this rich cultural programme in our agenda.

Family tours

As you move from one section to the next, discover a series of exciting games and activities designed to help you see, through experimentation and the senses, the paintings in a different light.

A multimedia touch-screen kiosk

In the cloister section you can interact with a large touch-screen kiosk which looks at the subject through four major themes. Numerous fascinating and illustrated archive documents recount the history of the museum's two cloisters and the demise of the cloisters of La Daurade, Saint-Sernin and Saint-Étienne. From the latter comes the museum's exceptional collection of Romanesque sculptures. A section devoted to the garden brings the virtual tour to a close.

Image d'une page de la borne tactile










Content is available in English, French and Spanish, and soon on line.


Immerse yourself in the enchanting experience of 3D soundscapes which tell the story of four specially chosen works. Put on the headphones and listen to the paintings as if you were actually in them!

Sound artist Jacky Mérit invites you to take a fresh look at these works with your ears wide open…

Mediation and documentation areas

There is a documentation centre for those who want to go further after the exhibition, find out more about the artists, relax or browse through the catalogue or reference books for young and old. At the end of your tour, take part in the collaborative construction game to create a universe of multiple architectures.

In partnership with the Cinémathèque

In January and February and March 2017 the Cinémathèque, Toulouse's movie archive, will be showing a dozen films on the theme of the courtyard in movies.

Cloister tours

In partnership with So Toulouse, discover the courtyards and cloisters in the city and the exhibition in a visit.

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