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Réservé au Public 2

Affiche de l'exposition
© Affiche de l'exposition "Réservé au Public 2"

From 7th July 1999 to 29th February 2000

In 1998, the Augustins museum exhibited a selection of major works dating from the 16th and 17th centuries - works that had seldom or never before been exhibited.

This year, a similar exhibition is being held for works dating from around the 19th century, a period of multiple pictorial trends and diverse genres executed by artists belonging to a society undergoing radical change. The works displayed here have been restored, in some cases extensively. The canvases, stored until now in the museum's reserve mainly due to lack of space on our picture rails, will at last take their place in the newly renovated museum. They complete the 19th century collections presented in the Salon Rouge and in the Darcy staircase. There are grouped according to three main themes;
historical painting, religious painting and the work of G. -J. Roques ; landscape, portraits and genre painting ; mythology and the legend of baron Gros.


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