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Toulouse Renaissance

Mediation and multimedia

Developed specifically for the exhibition, ambitious mediation tools will ensure you get the most out of your visit. You will also find guided visits and many different things to do around the exhibition. Events for children and youths from 18 months to 18 years old; events for all the family, adults and students, hands-on activities, conferences, theatre, exceptional evenings… Learn more about this rich cultural programme in our agenda.

During the visit

Manipulations and illustrations around the artistic techniques of the exhibition punctuate the visit and illustrate the artistic effervescence of Toulouse in the 16th century: tapestry, stained glass, sculpture, terracotta....

A multimedia touch-screen kiosk

In a s space dedicated to Renaissance architecture in Toulouse, you will make discover at 360° a selection of remarkable hotels.

Image d'une page de la borne tactile




The contents are available in French, English and Spanish and online.

Mobile application

Continue your visit of the exhibition in Toulouse to discover Renaissance architecture. The geolocation of the application guides you through the city, no need for a map. You become a member of a jury of the 16th century and take part in the vote of the most beautiful private mansion in Toulouse.

You will make a 10-step route to discover the most beautiful residences.

Available in English, French and Spanish.





Two movies lead you to discover the techniques of bronze casting. The first film traces the Columbia University of New York project: reviving a cast iron recipe from a Renaissance Toulouse manuscript, cast iron from nature. The second film directed by the Frick Collection of New York explains the technique of casting a medal.
French, english


Documentation area

There is a documentation centre for those who want to go further after the exhibition, relax or browse through the catalogue or reference books for young and old.

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Autour de l'exposition

From 17 March to 24 September 2018

Visites commentées / Exposition "Toulouse...

Visites commentées de l'exposition "Toulouse Renaissance" La Renaissance toulousaine : ambitieuse, érudite,...
16 August 2018

Visite avec l'Office de Tourisme

A l'occasion de l'exposition "Toulouse Renaissance" au musée des Augustins Une visite proposée par l'office...
2 September 2018

Découverte de la tapisserie

Présentation de la tapisserie La Naissance de saint Etienne La tapisserie La Naissance de saint Etienne ...
8 September 2018

Visite avec l'Office de Tourisme

A l'occasion de l'exposition "Toulouse Renaissance" au musée des Augustins Une visite proposée par l'office...
12 September 2018

Parcours Littéraire et philosophique

  Parcours littéraire et philosophique : Visions de la Renaissance autour de Deux Bateaux , une...
12 September 2018

Concert d'orgue

  Petit concert d'orgue  Willem Jansen, Conservatoire de Toulouse
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