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Passions of the Soul

17th and 18th century paintings from the Changeux collection

Affiche de l'exposition
© Affiche de l'exposition "Les passions de l'âme"

From 16th September to 28th November 2006

The internationally-acclaimed neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux is also a keen art collector and an active participant in the museum sector as President of the Commission des Dations and through his generosity towards the Musée de Meaux.

Using relatively modest resources, Jean-Pierre Changeux acquired very interesting works, largely overlooked by museums and galleries. His collection provides an original vision of French classical painting. The collector favours rare historical subjects, involving the expression of amorous and religious passions or murderous impulses.

The exhibition policy of the Musée des Augustins involves establishing links to its permanent collection. In this case, around ten painters from the Changeux collection are represented in the museum's collections. These are often major works (Bourdon, J.-F. de Troy, Gamelin, Rivalz, Vassallo, Tassel, La Fosse, Bon Boullogne, Stella and C.- A. Coypel).
This exhibition is the first scientific review of works already donated and loaned to the Musée de Meaux and the Louvre, as well as paintings from the Changeux collection that have been earmarked for Meaux.
Exhibitions of this type provide an opportunity to reflect on the phenomenon of the private collection, offering an effective contrast, on a human scale (around 40 paintings), between small amateur paintings and major works from churches and salons belonging to the museum collection.

This exhibition has been recognised as being of national interest by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication/Directors of the Musées de France.

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