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Visiting the museum

Visit Assistance - Adults

Photo Daniel Martin
© Photo Daniel Martin

A visit to the Musée des Augustins is the opportunity to discover masterpieces from the Middle Ages up until the first years of the 20th century. Various tools are available to allow visitors to personnalise their visit.

To prepare for a visit, most of our assistance is on line: exhibition room information, audio guides and soon a mobile phone application.
At museum reception, visitors can hire the audio guide (2€) and in the halls and rooms, various information sheets present the collections.
To enhance comfort, groups accompanied by their own guide can borrow microphone and headset equipment.

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Help with your visit / Adults

Mobile application

The application "Masterpieces at the Musée des Augustins" is a short tour of 20 masterpieces from Toulouse's museum of fine art. It includes a general introduction to the unusual history of the museum along with the audio and written commentary of the works,...

The museum’s audio guide

The museum's audio guide presents the history of the museum, the rooms and the essential works, in 53 tracks. The audio guide is also available at museum reception (equipment rental: 2€).

Room guide

To assist visitors as they discover the collections, Room guides follow the museographic trail and present the museum's main works, their historical and artistic context.

Guided visits


The guided visits are geared towards the general public, and are led by local lecturers in history of art. They have a simple, lively approach to art history and apply it directly to the works themselves.


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