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The museum

The museum in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Entrée actuelle du musée des Augustins - Photo Daniel Martin
© Photo Daniel Martin

It wasn't until 1941 that genuine restoration work was undertaken in the exhibition halls. The gothic halls were restored. It was then that the Chapel of Saint Gabriel was restored to its original site (Nostre Dame de Grasse is exhibited there).

A floor was added above these halls. It was decided that there would be a complete restoration of the Gothic church: the additions and modifications from the 19th century were removed so as to restore the church and the various halls to their original dimensions. A garden was created on rue des Arts, in which the foundations of the small chapels previously leading off the main building could be seen (these chapels were demolished between 1805 and 1828). The galleries of the great cloister were also restored as was the medieval door through which the Darcy building was reached.
In the 1960's the current entrance building was built, decorated with the portal from the demolished Chapel of the Black Penitents. Reorganisation work was carried out between 1975 and 1981, with the creation of mezzanines in the paintings rooms in order to increase the space available for exhibitions.
In 1981, the Darcy staircase was adorned with stained glass windows by the painter and glassmaker Henri Guérin. In the same year, a traditional German organ, designed by Jürgen Ahrend was placed in the church.

Les orgues conçues par Jürgen Ahrend - Photo STC Ville de Toulouse
In 1995, the garden was redesigned to plans inspired by the medieval period. It is the fruit of cooperation between the museum's curators and the Parks and Gardens Department of Toulouse Town Council.
For reasons of security, the mezzanines were removed in 2000, thereby restoring the paintings rooms to their original dimensions.
In 2010, the museum began a programme of accessibility work. The first phase made access to a large part of the ground floor possible for people with reduced mobility. This work is to be continued in the years to come until there is total accessibility for everyone.


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