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Antonio Verrio

From 27th March to 27th June 2010

An Italian baroque painter trained in Southern Italy, Verrio spent some time in Toulouse and Paris before establishing a great reputation at the English court for his talents as a colourist and his...

What’s New at the Museum?

From 4th April to 2nd November 2009

From 1985 to 2009, the Musée des Augustins expanded and refined its painting and sculpture collections by more than one hundred and sixty works.

No Colour, Nothing but Nuance!

From 15th March to 15th June 2008

Car nous voulons la Nuance encor,
Pas la Couleur, rien que la nuance !
Oh ! la nuance seule fiance
Le rêve au rêve et la flûte au cor !

Paul VERLAINE (1844-1896)

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