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Antonio Verrio

Chronicles of a travelling Italian painter

Affiche de l'exposition
© Affiche de l'exposition "Antonio Verrio"

From 27th March to 27th June 2010

An Italian baroque painter trained in Southern Italy, Verrio spent some time in Toulouse and Paris before establishing a great reputation at the English court for his talents as a colourist and his magnificent decors at Windsor Castle and Hampton Court.

The exhibition project arose out of the outstanding restoration of the great painting Saint Felix of Cantalica in the Augustins museum. Ruined by a flood, the painting was saved by the expert hands of the restorers. The reconstruction of the background to the painting led to a fascinating encounter with a man, an artist and a body of work at the crossroads between three cultures.
Our exhibition retraces the unusual career of an artist who was a European before his time, and the fascinating adventure of the restoration of Saint Felix of Cantalica. It finally presents the documentary film produced by Gini Barrès, who followed the restoration and this research.

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