Sculptures 17th – 18th centuries


PAJOU, Augustin

Saint Francis de Sales in Prayer

Saint François de Sales en prière par Augustins Pajou, 1765
Date : 1765
Designation : statuette
Field : Sculpture
Material : Terre cuite
Technique : Modelage
Dimensions (cm) : Largeur : 42 Hauteur : 78,5 Profondeur : 35,5
Location : Exhibited
Room : salon blanc
Inventory number : 2004 1 209

Augustin Pajou (1730-1809) was pupil to Lemoyne. Child prodigy, winner of the Rome Prize in 1748, he had a successful career as a decorator and portraitist. His Saint Francis de Sales, a sketch from 1765 for a sculpture for the church of Saint Roch in Paris, incurred the wrath of Diderot who described it at the Salon of 1765. The work shows the artist’s hesitations, which he shared with many others of his generation, between the attraction of a bold and energetic style and the gradual movement towards a more heroic, detached style.

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