Sculptures 17th – 18th centuries

ROLAND, Philippe-Laurent

Jean-Antoine Chaptal

Jean-Antoine Chaptal par Philippe-Laurent Roland, 1802
Date : 1802
Designation : bust
Field : Sculpture
Material : Plâtre
Technique : Moulage
Dimensions (cm) : Largeur : 60 Hauteur : 86 Profondeur : 30
Location : Exhibited
Room : White room
Inventory number : 2002 1 1

As a world was coming to its end, with his portrait of Chaptal, Philippe-Laurent Roland offered a compendium of the best of 18th century sculpture, in the same vein as his master Pajou, but also as Houdon or Lemoyne. Surprisingly for a man who was the young Napoleon Bonaparte’s Prime Minister, there is no affectation here, but quite on the contrary, the portrait of a humanist who chose to be depicted dressed as an artist, smiling with no wig, his shirt nonchalantly open on his chest.

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