Sculptures 19th century - early 20th century


FALGUIERE, Jean-Alexandre-Joseph

Hunting Nymph

Hunting Nymph
Date : 1888
Designation : statue
Field : Sculpture
Material : Marbre
Technique : Taille
Dimensions (cm) : Largeur : 60 Hauteur : 171 Profondeur : 175
Location : Exhibited
Room : escalier Darcy
Inventory number : RA 961

The Hunting Nymph doesn’t follow Antique canons. On the contrary, she is a woman of her day, a flourishing, smiling beauty with a fashionable hairstyle. The Nymph is caught by the sculptor just as she is about to fire off an arrow. Throughout this career Falguière was fascinated by the rendering of movement and by the feminine nude, associated in this piece. He managed to move away from the principles of the academic nude in order to concentrate on a more naturalistic type of female figure.

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