Sculptures 19th century - early 20th century


CLERC, Sylvestre

Hercules as a Child

Hercules as a Child
Date : 1928
Designation : ronde-bosse
Field : Sculpture
Material : Plâtre
Technique : Moulage
Dimensions (cm) : Largeur : 170 Hauteur : 116 Profondeur : 60
Location : Exhibited
Room : escalier Darcy
Inventory number : 1996 1 1

In the 20th century, Toulousan sculpture continued to develop… And to prove it, we finish our journey with a work characteristic of the renewed interest in Antique sculpture in the short period between World Wars I and II. In Sylvestre Clerc’s Hercules as a Child, we find all the vigour of the young hero, son of Jupiter and of the beautiful mortal Alcmena. Using his supernatural strength, he has just smothered the snakes sent by the goddess Juno (Jupiter’s scorned wife) to kill him in his cradle. The modelling of the child’s face, surrounded by large curls, along with his rebellious expression make the piece particularly charming.

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