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Anonyme toulousain

The Bear Hunt and the Siren Brushing her Hair

The Bear Hunt and the Siren Brushing her Hair
Date : 1151-1200
Designation : chapiteau de colonnes jumelles
Field : Sculpture
Material : Pierre
Technique : Bas-relief
Dimensions (cm) : Largeur : 52 Hauteur : 29 Profondeur : 31
Location : Exhibited
Room : salle romane
Inventory number : ME 178

La Daurade - Fourth Group

On this capital the true virtuosity of Toulousan Romanesque sculptors bursts forth in the art of inhabited foliage and miniaturisation.Like the capital depicting The Life of Job, where the same characteristics can be seen, this capital belongs to the fourth set, made up of sculptures of unknown original location within the Monastery of La Daurade.Both the bear and the siren were considered at the time to be demonic animals. Convinced he was lazy and perverse, the bear gave up his place as the king of the animals, only to be replaced by the lion. A hybrid and a female (doubly cursed!), the siren (bird-siren or snake-siren), a figure of the bestiaries of Antiquity, was also often represented in our region.

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