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King David and his Harp

King David and his Harp
Date : 1151-1175
Designation : bas-relief
Field : Sculpture
Material : Marbre
Technique : Taille directe
Dimensions (cm) : Largeur : 47 Hauteur : 113 Profondeur : 21
Location : Exhibited
Room : salle romane
Inventory number : ME 80

La Daurade - Third workshop

David is directly carved into the same block of marble as the column supporting him. Thus he appears to be projected outward. The costumes and the way the fine detailed drapery is rendered add to the verticality of the whole.
By tuning his harp, King David organises the world in harmony under Christ’s law. He thereby provides the model of a Christian king, all the quicker to praise the Lord as he has been chosen by Him to reign over His kingdom on earth.
Like on the embrasures of Gothic portals, the kings and queens of the Old Testament stand side by side with the patriarchs and prophets announcing the coming of Christ.
The Queen of Saba with her gifts and King Salomon thus prefigure the Adoration of the Magi.

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