Romanesque sculptures



The Death of Saint John the Baptist

The Death of Saint John the Baptist
Date : 1120-1140
Designation : partie d'un ensemble de sculptures
Field : Sculpture
Material : Pierre
Technique : Bas-relief
Dimensions (cm) : Largeur : 55.5 Hauteur : 32 Profondeur : 39,5
Location : Exhibited
Room : salle romane
Inventory number : ME 31

The capital of The Death of Saint John the Baptist could just as well be called ‘the capital of Salome’. This work presents one of the most beautiful ‘portraits’ of a woman in the whole of Romanesque sculpture. The virtuoso sculptor has used all of the space available on the bell to tell the story of Salome and John the Baptist, broken into several rectangular modules, like a cartoon strip.The main characters are sometimes represented twice to clearly indicate the different sequences of the story. The refinement of the characters, the quality of the storytelling make this one of the most justifiably famous capitals in the museum.

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