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The Annunciation of the Cordeliers : The Archangel

The Annunciation of the Cordeliers : The Archangel
Date : 1180-1210
Designation : statue
Field : Sculpture
Material : Marbre
Technique : Taille directe
Dimensions (cm) : Largeur : 65 Hauteur : 189 Profondeur : 26
Location : Exhibited
Room : salle romane
Inventory number : 2004 1 201

Attributed to the ‘1200 style’ by Professor Durliat, this splendid Annunciation still belongs to the Romanesque period because of its iconography. It is one of the last pearls of the period. In accordance with the text from the Gospels, the messenger Archangel Gabriel comes to announce to the Virgin that she will give birth to the Child Jesus. Although this work was found at the Convent of the Cordeliers, the latter is definitely not its original location since the Convent of the Cordeliers dates from later than 1200.

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