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Maître de Rieux

Tissendier as a donor

Tissendier as a donor
Date : 1333 vers
Designation : L'Evêque Jean Tissendier
Field : Sculpture
Material : Calcaire
Technique : Taille directe
Dimensions (cm) : Largeur : 60 Hauteur : 132.5 Profondeur : 42
Location : Restoration
Inventory number : RA 552

Jean Tissendier, bishop of Rieux and Franciscan friar isholding a model of the chapel he had built at the end of the Convent of the Cordeliers in Toulouse. He bears the mitre, symbole of his episcopal dignity as the bishop of Rieux, but he also wears the coarse brown tunic and rope belt of the Franciscans, also known as ‘cordeliers’ (from the French for rope: ‘corde’), because of this accessory, symbol of their humility.
The face is not really a portrait, as several other figures, including the Franciscan saints and the recumbent marble effigy, possess exactly the same structure.The first known portrait in the history of French art is that of King John the Good around 1350.

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