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The sarcophagus of Palays

The sarcophagus of Palays
Date : 1292 vers
Designation : sarcophage
Field : Sculpture
Material : Calcaire
Technique : Bas-relief
Dimensions (cm) : Largeur : 228 Hauteur : 80 Profondeur : 80
Location : Exhibited
Room : sacristie
Inventory number : RA 541

Among these works, one of the sarcophagi of the sacristy, from the end of the 13th century, was most probably commissioned by Hugues de Palais, consul of Toulouse in 1284 who contributed financially to the building of the chevet of the church of the Jacobins. A carved medallion shows him wearing a helmet, brandishing his sword, recognisable by his coat of arms, painted on his shield just below the figure of the the Mystic Lamb, symbol of immortality and of the resurrection of souls. The vine branches covering the background on the sarcophagus, like the use of large circular frames to set off the main elements of the decor, show the debt this work owes to Antique art, from which it is directly derived.

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