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Romanesque - Introduction

The Musée des Augustins' collection of Romanesque sculpture is composed mainly of remnants from the three most significant religious buildings in Toulouse: the Monastery of La Daurade, the Collegiate Church of Saint Sernin and SaintEtienne Cathedral.

Gothic Sculptures

The core of the museum's collection of Gothic sculpture covers a period from the very beginning of the 13th century to the start of the 16th century.  The preserved convent halls (the Chapter hall, the sacristy and the Chapel of Notre Dame de  Pitié),...

Sculptures 17th – 18th centuries

Travellers often marvelled at the sumptuous carved decor of Toulousan churches in the 17th and 18th centuries. Although many decors have since been lost, those that remain are proof of the development of a local school of wood, clay and stone carving.

Sculptures 19th century - early 20th century

From 1830 onwards, the 19th century became mainly the century of the bourgeoisie. In public places, figures of dignitaries, artists, eminent scholars or explorers triumphed, often replacing those of kings or of emperors. Cemeteries – veritable museums of...

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