Paintings - 18th century


GUARDI, Francesco

The Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge
Date : 1760 après
Designation : tableau
Field : Peinture
Material : Toile
Technique : Peinture à l'huile
Dimensions (cm) : Largeur : 93 Hauteur : 62
Location : Exhibited
Room : salon vert
Inventory number : 2004 1 311

Guardi was a good painter of religious paintings at his brother’s workshop when he realised that there was an international market for the veduta, the urban view of Venice. He brought his more lyrical, warmer personal touch to the development of the genre stamped with the more analytical approach of Canaletto. The Rialto bridge was one of his favourite motifs and he addressed it at least fifteen times. Each version is however unique and is distinguishable by the point of view or by the intensity of the light. This piece is a masterpiece of precision and poetry, acquired by the nephew of Cardinal de Bernis. The bustle of city life is sublimed by the virtuoso sensitivity of the painter’s brush.

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