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The Altarpiece from the Parliament of Toulouse

The Altarpiece from the Parliament of Toulouse
Date : 1460-1470
Designation : retable
Field : Peinture
Material : Noyer
Technique : Tempera
Dimensions (cm) : Largeur : 145 Hauteur : 178
Location : Exhibited
Room : salle capitulaire
Inventory number : 2004 1 302

The Parliament of Toulouse altarpiece was produced to commemorate the links between Toulouse and the central power in Paris at the end of the 15th century. The king and the dauphin (heir to the throne) can be seen in prayer in front of the crucifiction (Charles VI and Charles VII or Charles VII and Louis XI). This emblematic work, painted on wood probably by a Spanish painter but one who knew the School of Avignon, was vandalised during the Revolution. Traces of sharp objects on the king, the fleur-de-lys and on the face of the Virgin can still be seen. When restoring the work (2003-2005), Laurence Baron Callegari and Daniel Jaunard decided to leave this mark of history visible.

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