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Unique mediation

Godfried Schalcken (Made, 1643-La Haye,1706), Jeune fille à la fenêtre, Cardiff, National Gallery of Wales. © National Museum of Wales
© Godfried Schalcken (Made, 1643-La Haye,1706), Jeune fille à la fenêtre, Cardiff, National Gallery of Wales. © National Museum of Wales

Unique mediation tools have been developed especially for this exhibition, but you will also find audioguides (free to download on our web site), guided visits and many different things to do around the exhibition.

A "family trail"

The family trail makes the exhibition interactive for children, with ‘I spy' games and fun, hands-on activities around the works of art.

Mediation and documentation

"Is this a portrait?" As an approach to Art History, visitors can debate that very question in an area devoted to discussion around two paintings from the collections of the Musée des Augustins.
There is a documentation centre for those who want to go further after the exhibition, find out more about the artists, relax or browse through the catalogue or reference books for young and old.

The Great Escape...of Dreams

As visitors make their way through the ‘This is not a Portrait' exhibition, they come across the faces of women, men and children and can't help but imagine their lives, their innermost thoughts or their dreams.
The Great Escape of Dreams is an experience created for you by storytellers, musicians and artists who invite the visitor to go beyond a furtive encounter with a character and imagine and write down the dreams that arise from that fleeting glance.
Visitors are invited to record their thoughts in any form – written, oral, sketched, networked...Thoughts inspired by the gaze of a character or by their own inner lives or their dreams, escaping to become part of the Great Dream Collection.
The theatre company Le Rêvoir (‘The Dreamshop') will be at the exhibition Sunday 20th December and Sunday 3rd January for Dream Collection sessions on site..

The Great Escape...of Dreams. Photo Patrice Nin.

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