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Sculptures Renaissance

In Toulouse, the 16th century was a period of great economic prosperity, due in particular to the woad trade.

It was during this period that the most splendid private homes in the capital of the Languedoc were built, the most famous of which is the Hôtel d'Assézat.* Early 16th century style remained strongly tied to medieval architecture and the influence of the Italian Renaissance was to only be felt very gradually as the years passed.

*  ‘Hôtel' here is from ‘hôtel particulier' which means ‘a private home occupying a whole, usually freestanding, building in a town'

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The collections


During the 16th century, Toulouse was a land of predilection for humanism. Having always stayed close to its ancient past, at this point the city happily revived this Antique culture which had never really disappeared. Research and study of ancient texts,...

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