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Disabled Visitors

Openness, diversity... the Musée des Augustins has a clear, priority policy to improve conditions at the museum for the disabled and to facilitate visits by all potential visitors.

For many years, the museum has been making significant progress in opening its doors to all.

Cultural activities for all
The museum offers a wide range of original approaches with the clear goal of encouraging diversity among its visitors, while respecting the needs of each visitor. Sensory visits for the blind, partially sighted and fully sighted; visits and workshops for users of French Sign Language; visits through storytelling and mime accessible to the mentally handicapped...
Certain pre-existing activities are also redesigned: Little Artists, family workshops, sketching visits, etc. Follow the pictograms!
Several visit assistance tools are available to allow people to visit the museum freely: T coil compatible audioguides for the hard of hearing, multi-sensory kits, etc.

Working towards greater accessibility to the buildings
Although the museum does partially fulfill criteria for access for all, the team is working hard on finding intermediary solutions for the period until full access to all the collections is attained in the coming years. The museum is making progress on making adaptations to the buildings and has material to lend (folding walking stick stools and wheelchairs). Comfort is improving for people with reduced mobility during the interim period until the museum in entirely accessible.

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Things to do

Ville et Handicap

Les Rencontres Ville & Handicap sont un  rendez-vous de fin d'année pour les acteurs chargés des questions du handicap, les associations représentant les personnes en situation de handicap et les Toulousains.

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Activités accessibles

4 November 2016

Lancement du site

Soirée en partenariat avec C4, Collectif Courts Circuits Culturels. Conversations autour des...
9 November 2016

Visite mimée et contée

Animaux Les deux conteuses Laura Campagnet et Céline Molinari proposent une visite ouverte à tous où la...
9 November 2016

Visite commentée

L’art des sculpteurs romans et présentation de l'intervention de l'artiste contemporain Jorge Pardo Trois...
17 November 2016

Conférence des Amis

Un évêque de Lavaur dans un tableau de Hans Holbein, Les Ambassadeurs (Londres, National Gallery) Si la...
18 November 2016

Cours de modèle vivant / Ville et Handicap

Les oeuvres de l'église Dans les salles du musée, le cours de dessin d'après modèle vivant offre la...
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