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Throughout the year, the Musée des Augustins offers a cultural calendar designed for students by students.

These free events, during late night opening, are for students from any discipline to come and discover the museum in a new light. This programme also makes for some genuine exchange with arts students around a wide variety of events.
Conversation visits on Wednesdays, concerts, live shows (dance, circus, theatre), Students' Week, life drawing classes... Most of these events are the fruit of partnerships with higher education establishments in Toulouse.

A student card gives free access to the permanent collections throughout the year and special prices for temporary exhibitions and other activities.


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Things to do

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Prochains RDV

28 September 2017

Conférence des Amis

Peinture et discours, la construction de l’École de Toulouse, XVIIe - XVIIIe s. Conférence donnée par...
30 September 2017

Œuvres comparées

  Deux week-ends par mois, dont celui comprenant le premier dimanche du mois gratuit, de 15h30 à 17h30,...
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