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Exhibition overview

This exhibition covers almost three centuries of European painting, from the beginning of the 16th to the end of the 18th century. Strange as it may seem, this is the very first time such an exhibition has taken place, although it does touch on themes covered in previous exhibitions of portraiture, genre scenes or allegory.

Eight national schools of painting are represented along with the main European artistic hubs, from Rome to Paris, from Utrecht to London, from Antwerp to Vienna, from Haarlem to Naples, from Seville to Venice. Almost eighty paintings were selected to illustrate the figure of fantasy.

A word from the Director of the Museum: "I hope that the visitors will enjoy the exhibition and the catalogue as much as we in Toulouse and in Exeter enjoyed creating them, in an enthusiastic, creative joint effort".

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Exhibition overview

The Fantasy Figure

Here are some short extracts from the fascinating and erudite essay by Melissa Percival, a specialist in 18th century French painting, Associate Professor at the University of Exeter in England. It was she who had the formidable honour of presenting and defining...

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Autour de l'exposition

22 January 2017

Un clown enquête au musée

Autour de l'exposition Fenêtres sur cours "Côté cour, côté secrets" M’zelle Zairline invite les visiteurs...
24 January 2017

Rencontre enseignants

L'exposition "Fenêtres sur cours" En présence d'Axel Hémery, directeur du musée et commissaire de...
27 January 2017

Des mots et des notes

Autour de l'exposition  Fenêtres sur cours Une soirée en deux temps. Les étudiants du département...
29 January 2017

Croquez l'expo / stage

Croquez l'expo /stage d'inititiation au croquis Autour des oeuvres de l'exposition Fenêtres sur cours , la...
30 January 2017

Soirée littérature et théâtre

Autour de l'exposition Fenêtres sur cours Soirée littérature et théâtre À la croisée des arts, les...
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