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The exhibition is the chance to enjoy, for the first time, works painted between the early 16th and late 18th centuries from Germany, England, Austria, Spain, Flanders, France, Italy and the Netherlands. The painters belong to a wide range of artistic movements: Mannerism, Caravaggism, Baroque, Classicism, Rococo, Neoclassicism. We have decided to show the fruitfulness and variety of these different approaches.

The exhibition is divided into seven sections.

As this is the first thematic exhibition devoted to the fantasy figure, we have not opted to present the works chronologically, except in the first, introductory section, The play of Gazes. The curators have sought to bring out the hidden links between these paintings, which seem to be so different, and to highlight the coherence and continuity of the genre. Above and beyond the masterly lesson in painting given by these great masters, we also hope to make apparent  their humanity, their extreme sensitivity and, occasionally, their humour.

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Exhibition guide

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Autour de l'exposition

30 March 2017

La Nuit des cours

Une soirée exceptionnelle pour découvrir l'exposition Fenêtres sur cours   Au programme :  ...
1 April 2017

Juste un jour

Autour de l'exposition  Fenêtres sur cours Spectacle jeune public, pour tous dès 1 an. Théâtre,...
2 April 2017

L'atelier des familles

Archi-musée Autour de l'exposition  Fenêtres sur sours Dans l'exposition de nombreuses activités...
9 April 2017

Un clown enquête au musée

Autour de l'exposition Fenêtres sur cours "Côté cour, côté secrets" M’zelle Zairline invite les visiteurs...
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