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The following works sold at the Museum can also be ordered by mail from the Musée des Augustins, 21 rue de Metz, 31000 Toulouse, France. Further information by phone on 05 61 22 21 82.

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Available works:

Guides to Museum Collections:

A series of illustrated guides provides an initial introduction to the rich collections of the museum and their history, section by section. These booklets, of 60 to 100 pages each, include analyses of works, a glossary and museum plan and are designed to serve as a preparation, accompaniment or follow-up to visits to the museum.

General Introduction to the Collections
Romanesque Sculpture
Gothic Sculpture
16th-18th Century Painting and Sculpture


  • Musée des Augustins - Guide 1 : Painting and Sculpture from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century, Toulouse, 1998, 118 pp, illustrated in b&w and colour 12,20 €.

Available in English.

Guide des collection 1 : Peintures et sculptures du Moyen Age au XXe siècle
A collective work, this general introductory guide to the collections retraces the history of the museum and the monastery which houses it. Covering the collections in their entirety by means of a route through the different galleries (the Romanesque Gallery, Gothic Galleries, Church, First Floor Galleries, Viollet-Le-Duc staircase and Red Gallery), it is the ideal way to discover the Augustines' monument, history and wealth.
ISBN : 2-901820-24-7

  • Musée des Augustins - Guide 2 : Romanesque Sculpture, Toulouse, 1998, 110 pp, illustrated in b&w 10 €.

Available in French and English.

Guide des collections 2 : Sculptures romanes
This second volume in the series of guides to the Musée des Augustins fills the gap left by Paul Mesplé's work which has been out of print for some years. In a form which is more accessible to the layman, it covers the museum's collection of Romanesque sculptures. Notable for its exceptional richness and overall consistency, this collection is comprised mainly of works from the three major religious buildings in Toulouse: the monastery of Notre-Dame de la Daurade, the basilica of Saint-Sernin and the cathedral of Saint-Etienne.
ISBN : 2-901820-25-5

  • Musée des Augustins - Guide 3 : Gothic Sculpture, Toulouse, 1999, 111 pp, illustrated in b&w and colour 10 €.

Available in French and English.

Guide des collections 3 : Sculptures gothiques
The museum's medieval sculptures such as Nostre Dame de Grasse or the series of apostles from Rieux are recognised to be amongst the world's masterpieces of artistic creation. So this third guide to the collections of the Musée des Augustins relates to Gothic sculptures which, together with the Romanesque collection, comprise one of the best collections of medieval stonework in France.
ISBN : 2-901820-27-1

  • Musée des Augustins - Guide 4 : 16th - 18th Century Painting and Sculpture, Toulouse, 1999, 111 pp, illustrated in colour 10 €.

Available in French and English.

Guide des collections 4 : Peinture et Sculpture XVIe -XVIIIe siècles,
The collections of classical painting and sculpture, whilst less well-known than the medieval sculpture, nevertheless contain major works by great European artists such as Perugino, Rubens, Le Guerchin, Guido Reni, Murillo, Philippe de Champaigne, Oudry, Guardi, Pajou and Houdon. The highly original Toulouse style is represented by artists such as Bachelier, Tournier, Frédeau, Rivalz and Arcis.
ISBN : 2-901820-28-x

Exhibition Catalogues

Catalogues produced for temporary exhibitions that have been held at the Musée des Augustins (only in French):

  • Benjamin-Constant. Merveilles et mirages de l'orientalisme. Available in English.

440 pages, 600 illustrations, Sous la direction de Nathalie Bondil, Éditeur principal : Département des éditions scientifiques du Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, Éditeurs associés (édition française) : Musée des Augustins, Toulouse et Les Éditions Hazan, Paris. (édition anglaise) : Les Éditions Hazan, Paris. Parution : 1/10/2014. Code EAN : 9782754107792; Code article : 3366688
Prix TTC : 49,00 €

  • Corps et ombres. Caravage et le caravagisme européen. (Bodies and Shadows, Caravaggio and his European Followers; in French only). Out of print

Corps et ombres. Caravage et le caravagisme européen.
Catalogue broché, 2012, 501 pages. Sous la direction de Michel Hilaire et d'Axel Hémery. Coédition musée Fabre de Montpellier Agglomération et musée des Augustins, Toulouse - Ed. Cinq Continents, Milan, 39 €.
ISBN : 978-88-7439-569-9

  • Petits théâtres de l'intime. La peinture de genre française entre Révolution et Restauration.

Petits théâtres de l'intime. La peinture de genre française entre Révolution et Restauration.
Catalogue broché édité par le musée des Augustins, 2011. 175 pages, 36€. Auteurs : Richard Rand, Axel Hémery, Carole Blumenfeld, Maurice Daumas.
ISBN : 978-2-901820-42-0

  • Une histoire toulousaine vers 1500 - Les sculptures des Récollets / Una istòria tolosana devèrs 1500 - Las esculturas dels Recolèts.

Une histoire toulousaine vers 1500
Catalogue bilingue (français/occitan) en quadrichromie édité par le musée des Augustins. 200 pages broché, 36 €, édité par la Ville de Toulouse / Musée des Augustins, 2011.
Principaux auteurs : Charlotte Riou, Julia Roberge Van der Donckt, Dominique Faunières, Isabelle Alriq, Véronique Picur.
ISBN : 978-2-901820-38-3

  • Antonio Verrio - Chroniques d'un peintre italien voyageur (1636-1707)

Antonio Verrio - Chroniques d'un peintre italien voyageur (1636-1707)
131 pages, colour illustrations, 30 €, Ed. Ville de Toulouse / Musée des Augustins, 2010. Authors : Axel Hémery, Corinne Authier-Athanase, Cécile Brett, Anne Craveia, Raffaele De Giorgi, Lucio Galante, Jérôme Zanusso.
ISBN : 2-901820-39-5

  • 25 ans d'acquisitions au musée des Augustins (1985-2009) (25 years of Acquisitions (1985-2009) )

25 ans d'acquisitions au musée des Augustins (1985-2009)
180 pages, colour illustrations, 33€, Ed. Ville de Toulouse / Musée des Augustins, 2009. Authors : Axel Hémery, Pascal Julien, Caroline Latour, Charlotte Riou, Marc Salvan-Guillotin, Fabienne Sartre.
ISBN : 2-901820-38-7

  • Pas la couleur, rien que la nuance ! - Trompe-l'oeil et grisailles de Rubens à Toulouse-Lautrec. Out of print

Pas la couleur, rien que la nuance !
182 pages, colour illustrations, 35 €, Ed. Ville de Toulouse / Musée des Augustins, 2008. Authors : Alain Daguerre de Hureaux, Axel Hémery.
ISBN : 2-901820-37-9

  • Jacques Stella (1596-1657). Out of print

Jacques Stella (1596-1657)
271 page, colour illustrations, 35 €, Ed. Somogy, Musées des Beaux Arts de Lyon, Musée des Augustins, 2006. Authors : Sylvie Ramond, Alain Daguerre de Hureaux, Philippe Durey, Sylvain Laveissière, Mickaël Szanto, Isabelle Dubois, Fabienne Albert-Bertin, Anne-Laure Collomb, Lauren Laz, Isabelle de Conihout.
ISBN : 978-2-7572-0050-X

  • Les passions de l'âme – Peintures des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles de la collection Changeux (Passions of the Soul, 17th and 18th century paintings from the Changeux collection)

Les passions de l'âme
191 pages, colour illustrations, 37 €, Ed. Odile Jacob, 2006. Authors : Pierre Rosenberg de l'Académie française, Jean-Pierre Changeux, Anne-Edith Maillard, Nicole Rouillé, Jean-Claude Boyer, Claudine Lebrun-Jouve and Cordélia Hattori.
ISBN : 2-7381-1810-0


  • Polychromies secrètes - Autour de la restauration de deux œuvres majeures du XVe siècle toulousain (Secret Polychrome)

Polychromies secrètes
100 pages, colour illustrations, 20 €
Authors : Sophie Chavignon, Laurence Callegari-Baron and Elizabeth Ravaux, Dominique Faunières, Delphine Masson, Emmanuel Meyohas, Juliette Lévy, Charlotte Riou, Alain Daguerre de Hureaux.
Ed. Ville de Toulouse / Musée des Augustins.
ISBN : 2-901820-36-0

  • Les tableaux hollandais des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles du musée des Augustins

Les tableaux hollandais des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles
By David Fiozzi, 160 pages, colour illustrations,30 €.
Ed. Ville de Toulouse / Musée des Augustins.
ISBN : 2-901820-35-2

  • Fra'Galgario : peintre de caractères (1655-1743) (Fra'Galgario: Character Painter (1655-1743) )

by Axel Hémery, Musée des Augustins, 31 January - 10 May 2004 , 79 pages, 31 colour illustrations, Ed. Ville Toulouse/Musée des Augustins, €  15
Vittore Ghislandi, otherwise known as Fra'Galgario, was one of the most unusual Italian painters of the 18th Century, combining a brilliant pictorial technique with a keen psychological sense. The Musée des Augustins, in collaboration with the Accademia Carrara of Bergamo, has presented the first monographic exhibition of one of the greatest portrait painters of his time. Axel Hémery, Curator of the Musée des Augustins and the organizer of this exhibition, brings the personality and work of Fra'Galgario to life, at the same time sharing with us his delight in beautiful painting.
ISBN : 2-901820-34-4

  • Cézanne - Quatorze chefs d'oeuvre du musée de l'Orangerie (Cézanne-Fourteen Masterpieces from the Orangerie museum)

by Alain Daguerre de Hureaux, Musée des Augustins, 16 December 2003 - 15 March 2004 , 70 pages, colour illustrations, Ed. Ville Toulouse/Musée des Augustins, €  13
On the occasion of the renovation of the Orangerie museum which has been closed to the public since January 2000, the Musée des Augustins had pleasure in exhibiting the fourteen Cézanne masterpieces from the collections of Jean Walter and Paul Guillaume. Alain Daguerre de Hureaux, Head Curator of the Musée des Augustins, recounts the exciting story of these great collectors and uses detailed notes on these canvases to give an overall view of the work of the man considered to be the forerunner of modern art.
ISBN : 2-901820-33-6

  • Carolus-Duran 1837-1917. Out of print

Carolus-Duran 1837-1917
Musée des Augustins, 27 juin-29 septembre 2003, Paris, RMN.
21 x 28. 216 pages. 120 illustrations dont 90 en couleurs. 34,50 €.
Le catalogue de l'exposition a pour ambition de faire redécouvrir l'un des peintres les plus doués de son époque, mais dont l'immense succès mondain sous la Troisième République a souvent masqué la profondeur. Cet artiste lillois ne fut pas seulement le grand portraitiste si célèbre en son temps qu'on se disputait ses oeuvres : il a aussi fait preuve d'une grande sensibilité et d'une étonnante liberté d'expression dans nombre de paysages ou d'études souvent méconnus. Homme résolument moderne, il a vu naître le mouvement impressionniste et devint l'ami proche de peintres d'avant-garde comme Manet ou Fantin-Latour.
ISBN : 2-7118-4553-2

  • La peinture italienne au musée des Augustins

La peinture italienne au musée des Augustins
Catalogue raisonné par Axel Hémery, conservateur chargé des peintures au musée des Augustins, environ 224 pages, 170 illustrations dont 40 en noir et blanc
Format 210x270 mm, broché. Edité par le musée des Augustins, 2003. 36 €.
Ce catalogue est le fruit de deux ans de recherche et d'étude passionnée sur les collections du musée, de rencontres professionnelles et de confrontations qui ont abouti à un certain nombre de réattributions des œuvres italiennes abritées au musée. Fort de quelques 240 pages, il présente 130 reproductions en couleurs des œuvres principales (ou des œuvres en rapport provenant de musées européens) et une quarantaine en noir et blanc pour les copies ou les dessins en rapport. Catalogue exhaustif et raisonné de la collection de peinture italienne du musée, c'est un outil indispensable pour les professionnels de la peinture italienne que l'amateur aura aussi plaisir à feuilleter.
ISBN : 2-901820-32-8

  • Lubin Baugin (vers 1610-1663)

 Lubin Baugin (vers 1610-1663)
Musée des Augustins, 8 juin - 9 septembre 2002,
Catalogue raisonné par Jacques Thuillier, 280 pages, 144 illustrations dont 74 en noir et blanc
Format 22x28 cm, broché, 35 €.
Coédition Ville d'Orléans/Ville de Toulouse/édité par la Réunion des musées nationaux.
L'exposition est l'occasion de publier un véritable catalogue raisonné de l'œuvre de Lubin Baugin (vers 1610-1663), écrit par le plus grand spécialiste de l'artiste, Jacques Thuillier, qui s'y intéresse depuis près de quarante ans. Professeur honoraire au Collège de France, Jacques Thuillier, comme il l'a fait pour Sébastien Bourdon et Jacques Bellange, propose un ouvrage de référence pour tous ceux qui veulent étudier et mieux comprendre Lubin Baugin.
ISBN : 2-7118-4419-6

  • Natures mortes de Lubin Baugin

Natures mortes de Lubin Baugin (enfants) Catherine et Kimihito Okuyama.
Livre pour enfants (kids)
Format 20x23 cm, broché, 10 €.
Edité par le Musée des Augustins de Toulouse et le Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Orléans
ISBN : 2-910173-17-8

  • Cent ans de sculpture (1750-1820) - La collection du musée des Augustins (One Hundred Years of Sculpture (1750-1820) - The Collection of the Musée des Augustins)

Cent ans de sculpture
Musée des Augustins, 2 March-9 September 2002, 108 pp, illustrated in colour 16.80 €
On the occasion of this exhibition, the museum has published a work half-way between an exhibition catalogue and a descriptive catalogue; it covers several important 18th Century works by Pajou, Houdon and Lemoyne which have remained in the rooms allocated to the permanent collections, where they are usually on display. In fact, we wished this publication to reflect the richness of the museum's collections, whether kept in the galleries or in the storerooms.
ISBN : 2-901820-31-X

  • Nicolas Tournier (1590-1639). Un peintre caravagesque. (Nicolas Tournier (1590-1639). A Caravaggesque Painter). Out of print

 Nicolas Tournier
Musée des Augustins, 30 March - 1 July 2001, 190 pp. Joint Pub. Ville de Toulouse/Somogy 38,10€ hardback (SOLD OUT)
Organised by the Musée des Augustins from April to June 2001, this was the first monographic exhibition to be dedicated to the works of Nicolas Tournier (1590 - 1639), who was one of the most important French painters in the style of Caravaggio. His profound and moving work has been compared to that of Georges de la Tour and the Le Nain brothers. Forty pictures, brought together from countries throughout the world, were assembled in Toulouse to show the quality and range of his work. The catalogue enabled clarification of numerous hazy areas in the life of the artist, who was active in Montbéliard, Rome, Narbonne, Carcassone and Toulouse.
ISBN : 2-901820-30-1

  • Les peintres du Roi 1648-1793. (The King's Painters 1648-1793). Out of print

Les peintres du Roi
Musée des Augustins, 30 June - 2 October 2000, 328 pp. Joint Pub. Ville de Tours/Ville de Toulouse/R.M.N 43 €.
Reception pieces enabled artists to be received into the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture, and the genre was studied for the first time in this major exhibition. The greatest names in French painting submitted to this exercise: these paintings sometimes became famous but were more often forgotten. The catalogue takes stock of this glorious period in French painting, seen through the eyes of today's most eminent specialists. Its exhaustive list of some 400 existing reception pieces makes this a seminal work.
ISBN : 2-7118-4016-6

  • Augustus Saint Gaudens 1848-1907 - Un maître de la sculpture américaine - An American Master Sculptor

Augustus Saint Gaudens 1848-1907
Musée des Augustins, 12 February - 30 May 1999, Musée National de la Coopération Franco-Américaine, Blérancourt, 26 June - 18 October 1999, 214 pp, illustrated in colour. Also available in English. Joint Pub. Ville de Toulouse/R.M.N./Somogy éditions d'art 29,75 €
A major figure in late 19th Century American sculpture (he was nicknamed the "American Michelangelo") and leader of the "American Renaissance", Augustus Saint-Gaudens was the father of modern American sculpture. Saint-Gaudens' life and career spanned two continents, bearing witness to the fruitful artistic and cultural exchanges between France and the United States at the end of the 19th Century. Whilst he is very well-known on the other side of the Atlantic, this was the first major exhibition of his work in France, comprising more than 130 pieces. This catalogue, the fruit of collaboration between French and American specialists, reflects his work.
ISBN : 2-901820-28-X

  • Jean-Paul Laurens. Peintre d'histoire. 1838-1921 (Jean-Paul Laurens, Painter of History. 1838-1921)

Jean-Paul Laurens.
Musée des Augustins, 4 February - 4 May 1998, 208 pp, Joint Pub. Ville de Toulouse/R.M.N/Musée d'Orsay 38,10 €
The Jean-Paul Laurens exhibition was mounted under the joint direction of Laurence des Cars, curator of the Musée d'Orsay, and Alain Daguerre de Hureaux, curator of the Musée des Augustins. The catalogue provides a thorough exposition of Jean-Paul Laurens' work and contains annotated pictures of all the paintings on display. Relying on contributions from various specialists, it throws valuable light on the development of a late 19th Century artist and puts it into the perspective and context necessary for analysis.
ISBN : 2-7118-3597-9

  • Visages du Grand Siècle. Le portrait français sous le règne de Louis XIV. (Faces of the "Grand Siècle". French Portraiture during the Reign of Louis XIV). Out of print

Visages du Grand Siècle.
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, 20 June - 15 September 1997. Musée des Augustins, 8 October 1997 - 5 January 1998, 169 pp, Joint Pub. Ville de Toulouse/Somogy éditions d'art 43 €
The 17th Century was the pinnacle of portraiture. This genre, the most noble after that of historical painting, allows an intriguing exploration of French society in the age of Louis XIV. Whether viewed as a historical document or a work of art, the portrait subscribes to the cult of the image. A few specialists restrict themselves to portraiture only but the painter does not exist who has not tackled the genre at one time or another. This catalogue provides the most comprehensive study of this area to date.
ISBN : 2-85056-279-3

  • L'Âge d'or de la sculpture. Artistes toulousains du XVIIe siècle. (The Golden Age of Sculpture. Artists of Toulouse in the 17th Century). Out of print

L'Âge d'or de la sculpture.
Musée des Augustins, 14 December 1996 - 31 March 1997, 215 pp, Joint Pub. Ville de Toulouse/Somogy éditions d'art 29,75 €
The eighty or so sculptures presented here bear witness to the fullness and variety of commissions given to artists, and reflect the main currents in the history of 17th Century art. Famous sculptors such as Gervais Drouet and Marc Arcis give us some idea of the exceptional brilliance with which the sculpture of Toulouse shone in Louis XIV's France.
ISBN : 2-901820-20-40

  • Fascicule L'Âge d'or de la sculpture. Artistes toulousains du XVIIe siècle.

Fascicule L'Âge d'or de la sculpture.
Musée des Augustins, 14 décembre 1996 - 31 mars 1997, 32 p. Edité par le Musée des Augustins. 4,55€
Document préparé par Laure Boucomont à partir du catalogue de l'exposition.
ISBN : 2-901820-21-2

  • Le sarcophage de Guillem III Taillefer. (The Count of the Year 1000. The Sarcophagus of Guillem Taillefer III)

Le Comte de l'An Mil.
Musée des Augustins, 23 September 1996 - 6 January 1997, 62 pp. 11,45 €
The main sarcophagus from the tomb of the counts in the basilica of Saint-Sernin was opened on 23 May 1989, and since then has been the object of archaeological investigation and research, the results of which are set forth here. Notably, it has been indubitably established that the sarcophagus is indeed that of Guillem Taillefer, who died in 1030.
ISBN : 2-901820-19-0

  • Civilisations du Soleil. Chefs-d'œuvre du musée de l'Or de Bogota. (Civilisations of the Sun. Masterpieces from the Museum of Gold in Bogota)

Civilisations du Soleil. Chefs-d'œuvre du musée de l'Or de Bogota.
Musée des Augustins, 18 Septembre - 16 December 1996, 159 pp, Joint Pub. Ville de Toulouse/Adam Biro 33 €
This book plunges you into the history of vanished civilisations, leads you in search of the golden treasure of the Andes, and reveals the extraordinary work of the Precolombian gold- and silversmiths, featuring some three hundred pieces of Precolombian gold that, by their very diversity, conjure up the wealth of this polyglot civilisation.
ISBN : 2-901820-16-6

  • L'abbaye de Saint-Gall à l'époque carolingienne. (The Abbey of Saint-Gall during the Carolingian Era)

L'abbaye de Saint-Gall à l'époque carolingienne.
Musée des Augustins, 10 October 1994 - 2 January 1995, 224 pp. 7,60 €
A major witness to the cultural renewal in Europe during the Carolingian era, the Abbey of Saint-Gall provides a picture of a wealthy monastery operating a closed economy. A site of religion and religious culture, the monastery was at the same time an important centre of writing and hagiography.
ISBN : 2-601-03097-6

  • Claude Vignon 1593-1670.

Claude Vignon 1593-1670.
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tours, 11 December 1993 - 28 February 1994. Musée des Beaux-Arts d'Arras, 19 March - 13 June 1994. Musée des Augustins, 1 July - 30 September 1994, 619 pp. 58 €
A large volume, based on an exhibition organised by the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Tours to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the artist's birth, presenting and analysing the artistic output of Claude Vignon, one of the most original artists working in France in the 17th Century.
ISBN : 2-903239-16-9


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